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We will have two impressive presentations, see our Agenda: 1. Innovation in Software — by Dr. Lightning talks and Open Discussion We have a lot of things to learn from this meetup and many thanks for speakers for presenting us these great topics.

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Complex Realtime Event Analytics Using BigQuery Complex event analytics solutions require massive architecture, and Know-How to build a fast real-time computing system.

In this presentation we will see how Bigquery solves our ultimate goal: Store everything accessible by SQL immediately at petabyte-scale.

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Innovation in Software Innovation is a key ingredient for economic growth. It translates inventions or ideas into services that create value and generate growth. An inventor himself and now a patent examiner, Johann Stan will investigate in this talk different types of innovation disruptive, sustainable, etc.

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A particular focus will be devoted to inventions in computer technologies and to the techniques to verify if such an invention is novel and inventive. Lightning talks The lightning talk is a very popular format, bitcoin mining freebsd at many conferences, where speakers have a mere 15 minutes at their disposal to showcase an open source project, an idea, or a concept thereof.

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While that brief lapse of time may seem awkward, it almost always leads the presenters to concentrate on the absolute essence and bitcoin mining freebsd is really important, which is why it is often a much appreciated approach, as is the wide variety of the topics.

Use the online registration form to signal a lightning talk.

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