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AristotelCostel: Moise Guran, imobiliarele și paraziții Moise Guran, imobiliarele și paraziții financiari " Toate teoriile conspirației încep cu faptul că băncile împrumută bani care nu există și se termină, de regulă, cu faptul că banii luați pe credit n-ar mai trebui dați înapoi căci ei, dacă nu au existat, atunci întreg creditul a fost o păcăleală. Deontologeala "de dreapta" are la bază, fără excepție, o explicație In the horizon of Information Security, Quantum Cryptography has emerged, generating new possibilities in that field, hoping that data will be better protected and that the digital currency will resist over time and eventually evolve in the future, although Kurzweil, Bitcoin's pioneering technology is unlikely to be used in this respect. The idea of virtual alternatives to national currencies

The effects of lost money and effective death taxes. So, in the perfect economy, all goods would be distributed to every person according to their needs, and all people would have access to resources.

However, there is a choice gradient, especially for simple wants, and that is why money, pricing, and markets exist. There is no socialist replacement that encapsulates a cara hack bitcoin wallet of extreme want, vs need.

For example, consider the following choice of life for life.

Per the Official EFT Discord:

Person aged Has heart disease. Needs a new heart, will probably die in 3 years without a new heart.

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Needs a new heart, will die in 2 months without a new heart. Suffers from depression and is suicidal. Now, who needs the heart more? They are both humans, and both of their lives are important.

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But, without artificial hearts, we need to make a choice, and if they both had equal resources, then they could devote their resources towards what was meaningful to them. Now in a society that only cares about absolute life lived, it cara hack bitcoin wallet a no brainer to sacrifice the old to save the young, despite the older person having more wealth, and caring more about life, and having less of a need for the transplant.

But in our capitalist society, the call will be made to save the one who spends more money. And this is the tyranny of capitalism.

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But what about the choice of cara hack bitcoin wallet woman who wants cara hack bitcoin wallet homeschool her child vs a man who wants to buy a new car? This is a different choice, and is a choice of wants. Again, markets currently make this choice. Circumstances are everything, and need vs want is really not clear cut. For example, what if the car is needed to provide resources for cara hack bitcoin wallet family? Or what if the homeschooling needs to be done because the child's life is at risk?

These complicate the difference between need and want and turn clear cut decisions into aggregate inputs of demand. Which comes down to markets, pricing, money There are two schools of thought in this.

Keynesian and Austrian economics.

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The Keynesian economic system is the economic system that drives modern capitalism. Under Keynesian theory, the goal is cara hack bitcoin wallet devalue money at a slow, steady rate.

This devaluing of money makes holding money akin to playing with a hot potato.

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People are penalized for saving, and they are encouraged to take on debt and over leverage themselves to acquire material possessions. This drives the rampant materialism seen so often in capitalist countries, and drives the valuation of material wealth over human life. People are driven to consume, and thus consumer culture arises as a function of devaluing money. The end game of Keynesian economics can be seen in hyper inflation, where the prices of all goods soar above the ability of the people to buy, and wages do not rise to meet the needs of the people.

The alternative is Austrian economics. Under the Austrian economic system, no new money is printed. The money supply is set in stone.

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When money is lost, it is lost forever, and there is slightly less money circulating in the system. As a consequence, the prices of all goods fall slightly over time to accommodate the lost value, and the appreciation of the base currency.

This means that the everyday individual has an effective constant rise to their wages and standard of living if their wage does not change. However, the implications of a society where no money is printed is extreme.


Firstly, minimum wage would never have to be increased. Instead, employers would be fighting tooth and nail to see the minimum wage decrease.

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Consider a real world example. Say that congress had ordered that the minimum wage was to be 1 bitcoin. Now, this is obviously extreme, but it illustrates a powerful trend that would empower the working class over time, and dis-empower employers. I wish I had a better example where there was less rampant speculation than bitcoin, but other examples do not exist. Bitcoin is the longest running monetary system in modern times that is backed by a finite resource.

Fiat currencies have gone off the gold standard. This of course does not solve the other fundamental problems of capitalism.


But it is a step ahead of the fiat system that dominates the capitalist world, and I believe a system where money was not printed would empower the workers and everyday people of the world. Another Sunday afternoon, another news item about Monero being delisted from a centralized exchange, this time in Australia. Last year it was OKEx and others. Just a few days ago it was Coinspot. It is sort of an open secret that Coinbase is not listing Monero due to external pressures.

Today we're hit with news that Kraken will be ceasing Monero trading for AU residents. And you will also recall that Japan and South Korea have made similar moves. It's rex short bitcoin strategy etf ticker near impossibility with me, especially when powered by caffeine, which is most cara hack bitcoin wallet the case today, but I will try to make this brief, sweet and to the point. These are not isolated incidents.

Here is what bothers me about this. Have you been consulted about this?

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Anyone you know? Heard of it in the news? Yeah, me neither. You have to know where to look to find some information on what they would like to see happening we'll get to that in a momentand often you have to read PDFs with dozens of pages to find the good stuff too. I will leave that as an exercise to the reader. Suffice to say, I have been digging a bit deeper myself, and what I found shocked me.

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FATF wants nothing less than the complete elimination of anonymity and privacy in financial affairs, even going so far as to consider BANNING peer to peer transactions so that people are forced to interact with each other through exchanges, where data collection is more reliable and certain, effectively obliterating one of the major selling points of cryptocurrency p2p-ness with complete disregard for the millions of people who are already onboard with the vision.

No privacy and no anonymity, imagine that.

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Many of you probably already use plastic cards for everything, day in day out, and don't think too much about this stuff. But the fact that an international organization that you have little to zero democratic control over is planning to get rid of class of financial tools that The tools I speak of are, of course, digital cash-like cara hack bitcoin wallet like Monero. Consider, this has certainly not been the case in human history, ever -- yes, even today.

Today most of you still have cash as a choice. But what happens when that goes out of the window, and the only options are CBDCs, CorporateCoins, and transparent cryptocurrency?

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