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A deduction of 20 per cent, is allowed on advertisements when paid for three months in advance, and on advertisements measuring 50 lines or more.

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For Sale or Exchange column, 15 cents a line. Copyrighted March, Every branch of any occupation, art, science is represented by a periodical of some kind, but magic whose devotees can be counted by the thousands has in some unacountable way been overlooked, therefore MAHATMA as a periodical is unique, and justifies our claim that it "fills a long felt want.


Juggling tricks will also be treated upon, in fact everything that pertains to magic directly or indirectly. The advantages of our advertising columns to the performer cannot be over-estimated, there he will find materials and tools advertised which will enable him to perform any or every branch of his art, also new tricks and illusions as soon as bitcoin atm brighton on the market, this is a great advantage bitcoin atm brighton those living a distance as they can obtain the apparatus almost as soon as those living in the immediate vicinity: thus reaping the benefit of their purchase while it is still a novelty.

To the manufacturer it presents unprecedented advantages; other periodicals are disseminated among thousands who never did, nor ever will, purchase one cents worth from them, while with this paper their advertisements go right to the fountain-head. It is also well to note that this paper is not published for the benefit of any one manufacturer, but for all who wish to advertise in its columns, that is, all honest advertisersnot to any person who may wish to thrive upon the curiosity or credulity of the readers of this paper, and any unde să vindeți bitcoin pentru bani having been received against an advertisement in this paper, if found upon investigation to be correct, our columns will be forever closed to them or any person associated with them.

The energetic and decided character and military tastes of the younger caused him to adopt the profession of arms, after gradunting at the military academy of St. Cyr, he lost no time in attaching himself definitely to the army. A former pupil named Hamilton having married his sister, Houdin made him his successor in order that his theatre and the fruit of his labors bitcoin trading mt4 remain in the family, bitcoin atm brighton after a short tour through Germany he retired to a retreat in the neighborhood of Blois, there to devote himself to his favorite study, the application of electricity to mechanism, a lingering love for his old clockmaking trade made him choose chrohometro-electrical works as the objects of his study, and so well did he succeed that at the Great Parisian Exhibition ofhe was awarded the gold medal for his scientific application of electricity to clocks.

Inat the special request of the French Government which desired to lessen the influence of the Marabouts whose conjuring tricks, accepted as actual magic by the Arabs, gave them too much influence, he went to Algeria, as a sort of Ambassador, to play off his tricks against their tricks, and, by greater marvels than they could bitcoin atm brighton, destroy the prestige which they had acquired.

He so completely succeeded that the Arabs lost all faith in the miracles of the Marabouts, and thus was destroyed an influence very dangerous to the French Government. Upon again seeking retirement he wrote his celebrated memoirs under the title Les Confidences d'un Prestidigitateur, which has been translated into English by Dr.

Shelton Mackenzie. French and English critics have warmly eulogized M. Houdin's confidences. Robert Houdin's desire to perpetuate the Soirees Fantastique has been realized to a degree that must have been even beyond his fondest hopes, as July 3d.

A neat story is told how a wily magician got the best of one of those would be clever fellows that are met with in almost every bitcoin atm brighton, to the sorrow of the performer.

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This particular story happened to-lie'enacted in a small bitcoin atm brighton bitcoin atm brighton, and the smart individual who made himself unusually objectionable was the local photographer.

The Professor had no trouble after the performance to find out the man's address, and the next day he paid him a visit in his studio. He made a bargain for a lot of large sized photographs.

The Photographer was all smiles in anticipation of the good profit from the order. He placed the Professor who by the way was quite bald, in the most advantageous best bitcoin trade australia anJ proceeded with his business.

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  • В итоге он ослабил и наконец стер влияние многочисленных религий, каждая из которых с невероятным высокомерием провозглашала, что именно она является единственным вместилищем истины, в то время как миллионы ее соперниц и предшественниц ошибались.

Having taken the plate to the dark room he returned after a considerable time smiling very uneasily and said that he was not quite satisfied with the pose. He placed the Professor a little differently, put another plate in the camera, and took another snap.

This time he remained very much longer and emerged from the dark room very much perturbed, giving as an excuse, that the plate was not perfect.

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For the third time he went through the business and when he came out from the dark room he was pale as a ghost and trembled violently.

I have painted on my forehead with a certain acid of quinine, which is a colorless liquid, a skull with crossbones; you cannot see that, but the camera reproduces the picture perfectly and that is the reason bitcoin atm brighton found every time the skull reproduced on the plate.

The magician washed off the chemical and there was no more trouble with the next sitting. While there are many small tricks, to make them effective they must be so combined as to make them appear to the best advantage. Bitcoin atm brighton following is an interesting flower trick: The performer comes forward holding in his hand a small cardboard box which he says contains various kinds of llower seeds.

Everything takes place instantaneously. Would not a rose in my buttonhole produce a charming effect? A stroke of the wand upon the seed deposited in the desired place, and tile rose appears. A few seeds in this little box Fig. Take off the cover: violets, forget-me-nots, and Easter daisies are here all freshly blown.

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Well then, here is a goblet, the transparency of which is perfect, and this borrowed hat with which 1 cover it can have undergone no preparation. Let us remove it quickly, for the flowers. I forgot to sow the seeds.

Let us begin again. What flowers do you want?


Here is a seed of each which I place in the glass. Let each one tell me the flower he prefers. Now I cover the glass and count three. See the bouquet! The trick is finished by taking from the hat a number of bouquets for the ladies.

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An explanation of it: 1. Tlh' Biillonliole 7 ose. This is a stemless artificial rose of muslin, which is traversed by a strong black silk thread arrested by a bitcoin atm brighton. To this thread, whii. This introduction of the bouquet should be done quickly, after which the hat is held aloft, while with the left hand some imaginary seeds, the kinds of which are designated in measure as they are taken, are selected from the cardboard box and deposited in the glass. This time the flowers will appear.

Small "Bouquets in the Hat. There is not a second to be lost; the spectators are admiring the bouquet. The operator quickly profits bitcoin card cadou walmart this surprise to introduce, by the same process, small bouquets tied together with a weak thread that can be broken in the hat. We have not figured these bouquets upon the bracket, in order to avoid complication.

A skillful operator will not hasten to produce the small bouquets; he will advance toward the spectators as if the experiment were ended, and as if he wished to return the hat, making believe answer a request, he says: "You wish some flowers, bitcoin atm brighton And you, too?

And are there others who wish some? It is at this moment that all eyes are open to see the advent of the flowers.

Он разрядил заряд, уготованный ему судьбой.

An excellent addition to the foregoing experiments is the flower Fig. This can be produced in the small box Big. The free extremity of the rubber traverses, in the first place, the left buttonhole of the coat, and then a small eyelet formed beneath, and passes over the chest and behind the back, and is fixed by the extremity to one of the right hand buttons of the waistband ol" the trousers.

When the performer comes upon the stage, the rose is under his left armpit, held by the arm. He raises his wand toward the right, and looks in the same direction to attract the spectators to that side; but, he separates his arms slightly, and the rose held by the taut rubber suddenly appears.

The effect bitcoin atm brighton by the appearance of tins llower is instantaneous. Tin- Flowers in the Sunill Box. In this second appearance of flowers, produced by means of the small apparatus shown in Fig. The object of it is to bring into relief the experiment that is to follow, and of which there can be no'question of a double bottom. Moreover, the means employed contributes toward astounding the spectators.

A is the cylindrical tin box in which the seeds are sown, and B another box bitcoin atm brighton slightly larger diameter, but like the first, which it entirely covers.

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To the bottom of B is fixed a small bouquet of artificial flowers. By slightly squeezing the cover, C which is ol thin brasstoward the bottom, the box, B, with the bouquet, is lifted.

If, on the contrary, the box is left upon the table, stoc comercial bitcoin spectators do not perceive the substitution made, and think that they see the first box, whence they believe the flowers started.

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The Bouquet in Hie GLiss. This is an interesting part of the experiment. The glass is first covered with a hat, aiul the performer feigns astonishment upon the flowers having not appeared, but at the instant the hat is lifted, when all eyes are upon the glass, looking for the bouquet announced, the performer, who, with the right hand, holds the hat resting upon the edge of the table, sticks his middle finger in the cardboard tube fixed to the han- color that he desires, which he proceeds to do bitcoin atm brighton the following manner: Fig.

This, by an abrupt movement of the arm, is rendered blue and red. The white flower, made of thin paper, is folded like a Ian and bitcoin atm brighton placed between two flexible leaves, provided at their upper extremities with a small piața korean bitcoin of lead.

By a dexterous movement the green leaf is raised and the white flower is folded under its weight, and a blue flower makes its appearance on idle bitcoin miner side and a red one on the other. If quickly done the eye cannot discern the means that are employed to effect the transformation.

Professor Hermann, in 1S89, toured through this country a variety company known as "Hermann's Transatlantic Vaudevilles. As a complete treatise on these arts have never before been printed in this country, our explanations will be very acceptable to the magical fraternity. In calling this "act" a novelty of course we do not mean that there is anything new in projecting shadows with the hands, such as the dog, rabbit, swan, etc.

He devised new and amusing forms of animals that delighted the school children, whom he loved to amuse. An imitator named Frizze imported the art into Belgium, where Trewey got a knowledge of it, which he still further improved.

Mahatma Volume 1

The art now consists not only in forming innumerable figures of birds, fishes and animals, but in giving them life-like motionsthe cat making its toilet, the swan smoothing its plumage, bitcoin atm brighton bird taking flight, the ropedancer, who before walking on the rope rubs resin on her feet, etc. Before giving any of these we must point out the fact that there are various exercises of the hands and fingers that are indispensible in bitcoin atm brighton to give life-like motion to the silhouettes.

The first exercise consists in bending the little finger as much as possible without moving the others while the hand is spread out.

Second, the little finger is raised and an effort is made to bend the middle. Third, bend the two last joints of the fore and little finger while the ring and middle fingers are bent inwardly. In this position, if the thumb be bent inwardly, it will be found that the shadow made by this profile on the wall will lorm the head of a cat.

Fourth consists in leaving the two last joints of the first and little lingers bent, and extending the middle and ring lingers. Afterward follow exercises in separating the fingers from each other by opening them in the direction of the middle of the hand.

Tot ce Twitters nu este aur Twitter a anunțat în cele din urmă oferta sa inițială mult anticipată, dezvăluind, în același timp, unele cifre destul de impresionante ale utilizatorilor. Documentele IPO arată că Twitter are aproximativ de milioane de utilizatori lunari și că mai mult de de tweet-uri sunt trimise zilnic. Se adaugă c Revenirea lui Morrison la surplus, construită pe fondul unei taxe mai mari - Biroul parlamentar al Bugetului În primul rând, vestea bună.

First it is the little finger that is isolated, the fore, ring and middle fingers resting against each other; then it is the separation of the fingers into two groups, the little bitcoin atm brighton against the ring finger bitcoin atm brighton the middle finger against the fore-finger, the latter and the ring linger making as wide an angle as possible. Then comes the assembling of the lingers, the extremities of each being hidden behind the middle finger, so that the hand has the profile of a spear head.

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Finally we have the exercises in which each finger is made independent of the others, one being bent to the first, the other to the third joint, the latter extended as when the hand is open, the former elongated and at right angles with the hand. It must be understood bitcoin atm brighton all that is done with the right hand must be repeated with the left. The next thing to be considered is the screen and the source of light. In practicing at home a white wall, white paper or muslin thrown over a clothes-horse will answer as a screen, and the source of light may be obtained from an ordinary oil lamp or even by a commnn candle, the mirrors and all brilliant objects bitcoin atm brighton been veiled or re- moved to prevent reflections, quite dark and sharp shadows may be obtained.


In the theatre the performer must have a screen of muslin provided with metal eyelets, fastened at proper distances apart on the four sides, so that cord may be fastened into them for the purpose of stretching the screen until it is smooth. The source of light necessary for public exhibitions must be a single lamp, oxyhydrogen or electric, inclosed ina projecting apparatus throw very divergent rays.

The lens must consequently be of very short focus. So much lor the preparatory part of this art. In our next issue we will commence teaching the forming of the latest and best of these silhouettes. This act, which we have every reason to believe is original with Trewey, is to make from a round piece of felt shaped a sombrero minus the crown; numbers of different shaped hats by simply twisting the felt into different shapes, and then by simpfy turning up his coat collar or tying his handkerchief around his neck and changing the expression of his face, he would personate a score or more ol different characters in pantomime.

Any one seeing Trewey perform would imagine this feat a very difficult one to master, and so it would be to the one who attempted to learn it bitcoin atm brighton some guide to aid him. He might practice a year and not get all the combinations.

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It must be borne m mind that the success in Chapeaugraphy does not consist in the skill of making the hats alone, but also in the bitcoin atm brighton expression and pantomimic ability of the performer. Some imitators of Trewey not possessing his mobility of countenance use accessories, and as many of our readers will find themselves handicapped in the same way our explanations will include them; they consist in prepared chalks, white, black and rouge; a false mustache and imperial, a false nose, a cane and a looking glass lying flat on the table.

In explaining the making of the different hats we shall do so with the aid of two illustrations A. A will show the folds and twists required in each hat; B will show how the hat looks when on the head, also the proper facial expression. The Scout is so simple as to require no illustration. Having first shown a round piece of felt, you turn to your table, and, looking down into your looking glass, you place it on the back of your head a" little on one side, the same as you would any wide-brimmed hat, attach moustache and imperial; you may also dust your face lightly with rouge in order to look sun-burned; pick up the cane and hold it in front of you like a gun; turn around and you will represent a Western scout.

The coat should be tightly buttoned and a handkerchief tied around the neck. Bitcoin atm brighton may be well to state here, although it seems superfluous, that to perform Chapeaugraphy it is necessary to be clean shaven. Professor Alexander Hermann lias bitcoin atm brighton with crowded houses in Omaha, Neb.

Professor Kellar performed in Newark, N. His season has been a very prosperous one. Powell is again the attraction of the Eden Musee, this city. Powell has the reputation of not only being a thorough gentleman, but is one of the cleverest exponents of magic in this country.